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About Me


Hey wanna go travel the world? Go to Hawaii, Mexico, see the Coliseum, swim in the Mediterranean, lay on a beach in Thailand…Sorry, I can’t, I have Basketball. Literally my LIFE for 26 years. From elementary school, to high school, to AAU, and to college I was a dedicated, motivated, obsessed basketball gym rat …then after being a player, I did what every teammate and coach expected me to do. I became a coach….after being a high school head coach and teacher for four years I finally decided that I needed a break. Was all that basketball worth it? Absolutely. If I could do it again would I? I’d do it EXACTLY the same (and I must say all that time, hard work, and sacrificing did pay off. Also, I was lucky enough to have had amazing teammates and coaches along the way who I am forever grateful for)… and I still miss it, but I figure I can be a coach for the rest of my life, but travel the world, I’ve been putting that off for too long. Soooo I quit my teaching/coaching job in the states, and with the money I had saved, I traveled around Europe. OMG and I LOVED it!! When I returned home after 2 months I started to look for teaching jobs in South Korea. I was contacted by a few recruiters and after two interviews; I was on my way to teach Kindergarten in Seoul. My one-year contract is now up, and with the money I have saved, I’m traveling around Southeast Asia. After this, the plan is to teach somewhere new… so stay tuned.

We read these blogs and websites that say, “Make your own, make money and travel, anyone can do it, it’s easy!”…SUUURE. HA, I call that a Unicorn Dream…is it really THAT easy!? Is it possible? Can I do it with just an iPhone and a selfie stick!?


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  1. Drea
    April 11, 2017

    Wow!! I’m so impressed and inspired by your unicorn freedom! Excellent current life choice! And I’m so glad you’re documenting it all, you’ll want to remember it ALL. Much love to you. Xxxoo

  2. Charles Ezeb
    April 13, 2017

    Yes you can. I 100% support your endeavors. Keep building, living, and growing your dream my friend.