Posted by on May 1, 2017

Travel Apps for Taiwan

Here is a list of 12 travel apps you may find useful while traveling in Taiwan…

  • TexEx- super easy to book a ticket for the high speed rail, gives you a seat, you can just use your phone no ticket needed
  • Transit TW- has all the metro maps and train maps and bus routs
  • Rome2Rio- good app to see different ways and prices to get to places all over the world
  • SkyScanner- everyone uses this to find cheapest flights
  • Hostel World- helps in booking and finding cheap hostels and places to stay
  • also good resource to find places to stay and things to book
  • TripAdvisor- check for reviews, deals, activities, places to eat…ect
  • Open Rice- good recourse to find places to eat in some asian countries
  • BeanHunter- to find good coffee shops near you
  • XE Currency- helps you understand exchange rates for different countries
  • I just use Google Maps, but a lot of my friends like using this one for logging places and downloading maps off line.
  • AirMatters- lets you know the air quality of where you are and where you may be going.